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Artist Spotlight: The magic of Rick Lundsten

Rick Lundsten is a watercolor gouache painter who has won numerous local, state, national and international accolades. Two Loons caries a wide range of Ricks work in both original and prints. His love of this Northland area and the focus of detail of his work produce spectacular images that we are proud to represent.

We wanted to introduce Rick and give him an opportunity to tell a little about his motivations and inner thoughts regarding several of his wonderful paintings.

Meet Rick Lundsten:

I ́ve been painting for about 35 years and have always had a fascination with painting water. As a Minnesotan, I ́ve had an abundance of lakes and streams to use as subject matter, but I was always fascinated by nautical themed art. The nearest thing we as mid-westerners do to anything nautical is the Great Lakes. My dad grew up around Lake Superior and many of my family vacations were in the Duluth/North Shore area. I was always in awe of the incredible scenery of the rustic north shore of Lake Superior. I remember my parents commenting that it was like going to ̈a different country. ̈

As my life continues to unfold I ́ve had the opportunity to travel to both the east and west coasts of the United States and have experienced the beauty in some capacity of both sides of the nation. My interest in maritime and nautical art has grown as a result of this. But there is just something truly special and unique about the Great Lakes and the unique ships that have sailed them. My artwork has featured ships and work vessels of different eras as well as scenic great lakes images. Most are pretty easy to identify for those who share the love of this ̈Different Country. ̈

“”Secured” won the bronze award in a Camelback gallery online show. The show was themed “Shades of Red 2021.” Was an international online show. It also won the Grumbacher award in the 2022 NorthStar Watermedia show. This show is a National show and competition. It won Honorable Mention in the Minnesota Watercolor Society Spring show 2022.

In my painting ̈Secured ̈, I depicted vessels of the Great Lakes tugboat fleet at rest in their home port of Duluth. The Huron was built in 1974 and spent most of her service life in the U.S. Navy. She was scrapped in 2019. The Kentucky was built in 1929 and still serves today. This picture has a special place in my heart due to the fact that I had lost both of my parents during the time I was painting it. They had both seen the painting in its early stages, but neither saw the finished work. It is dedicated to their memory.

“Storm Warning” Is the recipient of the 2019 Artworks Art and Frame award in the NorthStar Watermedia National show. Also at the Artists of Minnesota show 2019 it received Second Place and Peoples Choice. In 2020 it was given Honorable Mention at the Minnesota Watercolor Society Spring Show. In 2022 it was published in the October issue of “Artistonish”, which is an international art promotional publication.

The other painting I want to focus on is ́Storm Warning. ̈ As with all of my work, it is rendered in watercolor and gouache. It is a portrayal of the very recognizable Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior's north shore. Split Rock is one of the world's most photographed and visited lighthouses due to its accessibility and awe inspiring surroundings. It has been a subject and inspiration to countless artists and photographers for over a century.

As I continue to strive for growth and development as an artist, the unique splendor of the great lakes and its vessels will always be an integral part of what I do. I hope you find joy and inspiration in my work.

Two Loons 2023 "Meet the Artist" Summer Art Series

Two Loons is proud to represent a wide array of local artists here in the Lincoln Park Craft District. We hope that you will visit us to view more of these fine artists that represent the imagery and the lifestyle of our great Northland community.

Beginning in June, Two Loons will host a different local artisan each week at our gallery to meet and discuss their work. This is an excellent opportunity for patrons to put a face with these creations and gather unique insite regarding the artist and their work. We invite you to come meet Rick and many of our other wonderful artists during these events.

Please leave your comments and share your experiences in our forum.

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